What do I do?

Who is Bob?

Hi, my name is Bob Donkers! Manager of Komodo and Helge. I specialise in (independent) release strategies and branding. I love to help artists define who they are and what they do. Let's think of a strategy that suits your music and ambitions and find partners that fit your needs. I've also promoted a lot of concerts and I am known for writing fund applications for artists.

I know what I'm doing, work hard and know a lot of people. But most importantly: I love my job and I wish to share that passion with you!

Branding, strategie & promotie

The essense of branding, strategie and promotion is defining who you are, what you are doing and why you do what you do. Together we'll figure out who you are as and artist. This will radiate from everything you do from that point on. Everybody will know who you are and what makes you you. Next we'll make a plan: what is de best moment for you single- or album release? What are the right decisions in booking shows and who are the best people for you to work with? I'll help you with the release of your music or the promotion of your tour. And I'll hook you up with booking agencies, labels, PR agents and photo-/videographers. Together we'll make sure that your story is told and that people will listen to your album and buy a ticket to your show. We'll think of social media campaigns or unique promo moments.

Funds and grants

2020 asked for some adaptability. To my it brought a way to make some of my services affordable for artists. The result: fund applications! In the Netherlands I've written grand applications for dozens of indie and alternative artists. From SENA Muziek productiefonds to applications at Fonds Podium Kunsten to Norma and many more. I'd love to help you write yours. Together we'll take a look at the terms and conditions, with that in mind you'll write everything down that on your mind, next up is me turning it into a structured plan that fits the (sometimes unwritten) terms and conditions of the fund.


Would you rather write it yourself but have me as a consult or just for a last minute check. Sure! We can do that:)

Contact info

Phone: +316-57990512